About Us

Our mission

PrizeSupplies.com offers a variety of products meant to better serve the printing needs of our customers. Our mission is to provide you with excellent quality while also offering an unrivaled loyalty rewards program. With over a thousand products in our inventory and more than a handful of attractive prizes meant to keep you smiling, PrizeSupplies.com is reinventing how you purchase supplies for your home or office. We have committed ourselves to a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which stems from a rigid ISO certification process and a complete line of eco-friendly products. It’s easy, Buy, Earn, and Redeem unbelievable prizes simply for your continued loyalty.

  • All premium ink and toner products are 100% guarantee to meet your printing needs
  • Products are eco-friendly and manufactured with new components in an ISO certified facility
  • A 1-year product warrantee is attached to each ink and toner enabling customers to purchase without hesitation concerning quality   

The team

Did you forget to order ink or toner for your machines and now all your copies are emitting faint color tones of grey and pink? At PrizeSupplies.com you'll have access to your account anytime day or night, affording you the flexibility to place orders around the clock. You no longer need to wait for sales associates or browse a myriad of inventory to place orders. Now, all you have to do is access or create an account, choose your items, and checkout; and as an added bonus, we have included Prize Points for your continued loyalty.

Our team here at PrizeSupplies.com is committed to the customer experience. If you’re having trouble purchasing ink and toner or redeeming your much-deserved Prize, feel free to contact member lane and we will personally walk you through the process. Our team is convinced the customer experience no longer needs to be confused with lengthy emails or automatically generated responses. If you're having a problem with your accounr or simply need help finding a product, contact member lane and one of our dedicated team members will answer any of your questions!


At PrizeSupplies.com our customer service agents or available around the clock to better serve you; for instance, If you happen to receive defective cartridges, we will happily pick them up and replace your non-working product(s) expeditiously for absolutely no additional cost. We are committed to establishing a working relationship in order to help you reach your point goal and redeem the Prizes you love.

We have committed ourselves to unwavering service allowing customers the comfort knowing all products are guaranteed to exceed their expectations. If any of our customers are dissatisfied, customer service agents are in place to get you what you need in a timely fashion. So, stop buying from your current supplier and enjoy of the fruits of your labor. Buy our products, and reward yourself with Prizes you deserve!     

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